My Thoughts On The Movie “How To Be Single”

So, I just thought I needed a break from my Kdrama world for a moment and decided to have a Hollywood movie night. I chose to watch the movie How To Be Single... like I needed it. Like I do not know how to be single and stay being one. Like I am not an expert on that matter. LOL.

Anyway, these are the thoughts that were running through my mind during watching and after I watched the movie:


  1. The one who wasn’t looking for love, pushing it away, found one and a persistent one at that. Isn’t it ironic?
  2. The one who wanted to find love (again), ended up not finding one. Again, isn’t it ironic? But at least she has found self-worth.
  3. The one who kept basing her chance in finding “the one” in statistics was trying to find one on the Internet. And I was like telling myself, she has 0.0001% chance to find someone authentic online. Poor one.
  4. There will always be that someone who doesn’t like to be inside a romantic relationship at all. Trust me. Not all people are looking for love and can handle being committed.
  5. There will always be those people who are obsessed with the idea of falling in love. Like if they don’t secure themselves with a romantic partner, it’s like their lives are over.
  6. There are people who like to play around and didn’t like commitment. But there will come a time that they’ll fall in love… and get their heart broken for the first time in their life. That sucks.
  7. Love is usually not permanent. People will lose that feeling at some point, but it might come back… and lose again.
  8. Almost everyone is looking for love because they thought it will make them happy and secure. What they fail to notice is that keeping a long-lasting relationship with someone might be a lot harder and challenging than looking for someone to start a relationship with.
  9. Being single isn’t a bad thing at all. Just because you do not have that person who treats you extra special doesn’t mean you’re not special. Self-love is what you lack if you think you’re not.
  10. Lastly, do not seek temporary break-up or cool-off when you are not ready for the possibility of losing that person during the process.

I think I have to go back to writing. The next novel that I am about to write is about being single as well. It’s about a woman in her late twenties who preferred to stay single but didn’t want to be called “single” for a reason. Because being single has a stigma. She doesn’t want to be perceived as lonely and has an unattractive personality just because she’s single. I might start writing the first chapter tonight. 🙂

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  1. I feel like crying after reading this. My friends and cousins who are about the same age as me were getting married left and right while I do my own thing. Travel and explore new things. Whenever there is a family reunion they always ask the most dreadful questions: “When will I get married?” “Do you have a boyfriend yet?” And I always felt so trapped like it’s a prerequisite I need to fulfill in order to have a good life. I really wish people would be more understanding about it. Not all people is destined for love. Thank you for this review Miss Heart. At least, I know someone in this vast universe understands where I’m coming from. Stay safe and stay awesome always. <3 xoxo

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