The King: Eternal Monarch Finale – A Satisfying End

Last night, I witnessed how The King: Eternal Monarch ended and I was at the edge of my seat during the first half of the final episode. I was thrilled.

The King: Eternal Monarch was no doubt one of the most popular K-dramas this year. This was Lee Min Ho’s comeback drama after serving in the military and he was paired with the Goblin star, Kim Go Eun. With these two powerhouses and a script written by Kim Eun-suk who became popular through her notable works such as Descendants Of The Sun, Goblin, The Heirs, and Mr. Sunshine, K-drama fans went gaga over this drama.

Despite the constant criticism thrown at this drama for having a convoluted storyline and too many product placements, it remained popular with the international viewers. Every week, fans were eager to form their own theories about the mysteries that filled this drama. And, yes. I’ve read some of them and I was amazed at how invested they were in the drama to come up with those out of this world ideas.

As I’ve said earlier, I was satisfied with the ending. It was on point and every scene was meaty. The lines were profound and perfectly delivered. The cinematography was to die for! (Warning: may contain spoilers) The shot where Lee Gon and Yeong both entered the room where the young Lee Gon and Lee Lim were on a bloody encounter was epic. That slow-mo entrance with shattered glass falling down and hitting the platform was so satisfying to watch.

I liked the fact that everyone got what they deserved in the end and they were placed where they originally belonged. Luna was able to live her life and own a name. She ended up being Koo Seo-Ryeong’s adopted sister who ended up in jail. Sin-jae was able to evade the accident that left him in comatose and was able to live his life as well. Also, Lee Ji-hun survived. Hyun-min(previously Sin-jae) grew up in the Kingdom Of Corea where he met Luna and it seemed they had a budding romance going on. Eun-sup and Nari ended up as a married couple. Yeong and Seung-ah was discovered to be in a secret relationship. Secretary Mo became the prime minister. Lee Lim got the retribution that he deserved–to be beheaded. And the lead star-crossed couple continued to date despite the circumstance that set them apart. And yes, they were literally worlds apart.

At the beginning of this drama, we thought the plot would revolve around the presence of a parallel universe. Turned out it also had the time travel element, but with a fun twist. Lee Gon opening all the doors in the universe and searching for Tae-eul was hilariously sweet. And I had to say, I was thrilled with their dating setup–where they randomly entered a door in the universe and ended up in different periods or years. That looked so fun. I hope I could also try that.

The ending scene was heartwarming. That sudden glimpse of wrinkled hands holding each others’ made me smile. It was bittersweet. We know they couldn’t possibly settle in each other’s place/world so they won’t be able to get married and build their own family. They loved each other nonetheless. Despite their limitations, they loved tirelessly.

Overall, the ending was beautifully done. They were able to wrap up everything in one episode. The drama as a whole was not perfect. To be honest, it was too slow and discursive from episode four to nine. I noticed that the sequences during those episodes were a bit shambolic and the lengthened prelude had consumed a lot of time. I guess I was kinda disappointed that there wasn’t enough time to give YeongxSeung-ah and Eun-seupxNari’s romance a decent exposure in the drama. But I truly loved the cinematography in this drama from start to finish, their flawless acting, the epic scenes, and the fact that everything was resolved in the end and it had a happy ending.

“No matter what kind of door opens before us in life and even if the moments we share made us sad at times, I wish to be able to love tirelessly.”

Lee GonxTaeu-eul

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