Our Purpose In Life.

Each of us has a purpose for why we lived. Some of us had already figured out their purpose in life. Some are still wondering why they lived, searching for an answer to the question: What’s my purpose in life?

It isn’t something that we figure out easily though. Sometimes we are actually living out our purpose and we didn’t even know it. Until we die and not even had the slightest idea why we did live. But one thing is for sure, we have different purposes in life. It could be grand, it could be minuscule, yet still, you have a purpose.

Maybe you have lived to reach a dream and have a happy, fulfilled life. Or maybe to be an instrument for others to achieve their dreams and make them happy and fulfilled.

Yes. I believe that some were not born to live their own lives, but to let someone live.

Maybe you are born to be someone’s parent, sibling, best friend, a romantic partner in life, or even fur-parent. Maybe you are born to help others and to create huge impacts on their lives. Maybe you are born to invent things that will be useful to humankind. Maybe you are born to be an inspiration to others.

Maybe you are born to live short, or maybe long enough to maximize life.

When we have already served our purpose why we have lived, our journey in this world will come to an end.

Maybe you are not born to find romantic love, to reach your dream, to be rich, to be famous, and to be happy. But you still have a purpose. You just got to figure out and accept what it is.

And a few days ago, as I turned 35, I contemplated about my purpose in life. And I remembered several years back, I even asked why I even lived. I thought I sucked and couldn’t do anything right. I thought I was destined to be a teacher but soon realized  I was not supposed to be one. I thought I could fit in the corporate world but my few attempts to land a job in an office were all hashtag #failure. I thought I could be a scriptwriter and tried to but soon realized I could not meet the demands in that kind of job.

I did not know what else I could do. I question my purpose in this life.

But now I know why.

Maybe I was born to be someone’s daughter that provides the needs of her family. Maybe I was born to be someone’s sibling to be their pillar of strength, to be someone’s friend to cheer them up when they need me, to be a once-teacher to some then-rebellious students who have changed their behavior through my guidance, to be a fur-mom to a feisty shih tzu and even to be that girl who would let an old lady take my sit in the train.


I was born to be a fiction writer. My purpose in life is not only to be a daughter, sibling, friend, and once-teacher but also to entertain people with my written words, to make them experience fleeting happiness by reading my books. I was born to invent stories. I was born for the people.

That was when things lit up for me.

At 35, I think I am getting old. At this age, I was supposed to have my own family. But maybe that is not what I was born for.

Perhaps being a wife and a mother were not included in my purpose in life.

We have different life paths, different purposes why we lived.

So, if my purpose in life ends with being Heart Yngrid, I am more than happy to have lived this life.

What is your purpose in life?

You have one, for sure. Accept it, because God places you to where you should be in this world, in His world

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  1. I love you ate Ayi ???? I wonder if.. how does it feel to be your student? I guess, you are a very cool teacher back then. ????

    1. No really. Medyo strict ako haha

  2. It was such a meaningful journal Ms. Heart. It’s just great that by this piece of yours, you open those minds of some who hadn’t seen their purpose in life yet. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, my favorite author… 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank you for reading 🙂

  3. Na inspire ako dito ate Heart. This is the reason why I will always be your reader and supporter. You gave us motivations and taught life lessons. Sa ngayon po kasi ganito dillema ko. Di ko alam kung ano ba yung purpose ko sa buhay. Feel ko din na di ako fit for office work. Hinahanap ko kung ano talaga yung gusto kong gawin sa buhay. At kung ano ung nakikita ko sa sarili ko 8 years from now. Napaisip po ako dahil dito. ????

    1. Thank you, Rowaanne 🙂

  4. Kris Roxan Caniete

    This is very inspiring. 💕

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