My Life As A Writer

My life as a work from home writer is quiet, stock-still and soporific.

I have no social interaction with people. I walk my dog around the neighborhood every morning and afternoon but I don’t even talk to my neighbors (that’s why they thought I am a slacker because I don’t go anywhere). I’m just always inside my room. In front of my computer, my fingertips romancing my keyboard all throughout the day. 

My bedroom is my office and my boss is myself. So I can slack off, take a nap whenever I want, procrastinate, shun self-imposed deadlines, and watch Kdrama instead of working. But whenever I do these, I don’t get paid. 

I only have one office mate. His name is Jacko and he lessens my stress from work. But he could be distracting sometimes.

I spend half of my working hours researching stuff I need for my novel, a fourth slacking off and a fourth actually writing. Whenever I have to beat a deadline, I load my veins with caffeine and don’t sleep for 28 hours just to wrap up a manuscript.

Whenever I get a hold of my newly published novel, I sniff it, smile and tell myself, “you survived, good job.”

I am Heart Yngrid, a fiction author for 14 years. ‘Have written over a hundred novels.

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  1. Keep on writing, Miss Heart ♥️☺️

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