Jeju Loveland – A Quirky, Naughty Park in South Korea

When we started to plan the itinerary for our Jeju trip, one of the first things we put on the list was: visit Loveland! For those who do not know, Loveland is an erotic theme park in Jeju Island, South Korea. EROTIC, dude. Strictly not for minors. Hehe. No, we’re not pervs, more on curious. YEAH, JUST CURIOUS. And I thought maybe if I see the place, I might find it interesting enough to consider it as one of the locations in my Jeju novel.

Facade of Jeju Love Land where there’s no clue of what’s waiting for you inside lol

So, last May 16, 2017, I was able to set foot on this very… UNIQUE theme park. When I first saw its facade, I thought to myself, people who haven’t heard about this place won’t suspect it’s an erotic theme park. If you do not know about this place beforehand, you’d mistake it for a romantic theme park, actually. But wait till you enter the place. You’ll be welcomed by a big statue (about 3 feet) of an erected male organ that stood right at the entrance!  I was shook. I mean, I knew full well it’s an erotic theme park. But who would have thought they’d put a huge male organ right at the entrance? LOL.

As I looked behind, I saw a huge sculpture of a woman lying naked on the ground, glistening under the sun with its copper tone and a unique, sensual pose. And I said, wow, it’s a work of art. Yes, that is what you have to do when you go here. Look at the naked sculptures as artistic works. Never mind the dick statue at the entrance though. LOL.

I was uncomfortable looking at this signboard that says “Entrance.” (entrance to the park). It made me feel like a dick about to seek entrance as well. Damn.
Girls will love this floral junk. LOL

I wasn’t sure that time if I could consider the dick-shaped signboards artistic though, but I sure found them amusing. But now that I took a careful look at the pictures I’ve taken, I realized they were painting! Come on, look at the intricate details of these “dicks.” When balls have flowers and leave embedded in them, I guess I can slightly consider them as “art.” LOL. Look how cute this floral dick is! ๐Ÿ˜€

Then I saw the four statues of naked men in different built, age, and height, and their “packages” were replaced by faucets. And below those faucets were sinks that had a shape of a urinal. The size of the faucets depends on the size of the men’s body. Now, that’s creative! But I am not sure whether I must believe that when a man has a huge physique, he has huge junk as well. LOL. Sometimes the facade is misleading, just like the facade of this theme park.

Oh, look the Philippines has a flag here! We were so touched when we saw our country’s flag inside this EROTIC theme park. LOL. Honestly, we were
Look how creative this comfort room sign is. You won’t see this elsewhere
Adam’s junk everywhere in different forms and sizes
And this is where you’ll see futuristic dicks
I really wonder how special this one is.
Look how weird that mural in front of the comfort room. Was that poop over there?
Park merch. LOL

As we went inside the museum, we saw an exhibit of miniatures of houses and little naked people doing “something” inside. No, I won’t put photos here as they looked indeed explicit. There was also an exhibit that showcased different adult toys and stuff. Then we saw a little cafe and wondered what they sell there since everything we’ve seen so far had dicks in them. And well, yeah, we found out that even the food they sell there had dicks. Like yes, you will get to eat a dick… made of dough. What can I say, this theme park indeed stick to their theme!

Not one but two! Can you take it? LOL

As we sat down inside the cafe, we stared at the waffles trying to figure out how we were going to eat them. The breast-shaped waffles were a no-brainer. But the dick-shaped ones, we had to discuss whether to start biting at the tip or at the balls. Good thing there weren’t many people around so we just ate them however we wanted to. They tasted good.

Before you start calling this theme park sleazy, let me tell you there is actually a spot there where you can feel romance sans the erotic feel. Yes, it’s great, right? This theme park isn’t just about dicks and nudity and all the kinky stuff scattered around because there’s a spot where you can feel innocent love. But this is only a small spot so better take advantage of it because the dicks are waiting for you the moment you step out of this small area. LOL.

This has the K-drama romantic scene vibe
When you are curious why they had to exchange saliva

We thought Loveland also has a trick art museum but nada. But it’s okay. We had fun laughing around the park. We couldn’t help it because everything around was amusing. But, yes, we had fun! This place is like a breath of fresh air. So unique and creative and… I miss their waffles.

Took me 5 months before I realize what this woman has been doing! LOL
9,000 won is all you need to see dicks, I mean, this ARTISTIC place

P.S. Oh, and if you want to read the particular scene in my novel Otteoke? Drunk In Jeju where I used this location, click HERE.

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  1. Kris Roxan Caniete

    Any suggestion of a must see place to visit in Jeju aside from Loveland?

    1. I will make a separate entry about the places to visit in Jeju soon๐Ÿ˜Š

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