“It’s Okay Not To Be Okay” Kicks Off To A Pretty Good Start – A Review

It has been so long since I’ve last seen Kim Soo Hyun in a drama. So when I heard about his upcoming K-drama for 2020, I got pretty excited. And when I saw the trailer of this new Korean drama with his co-star, Seo Ye Ji, I thought it was fascinating. It looked like it’s going to be a good drama with a kickass antiheroine and a soft-hearted yet interesting male protagonist, a unique plot, and amazing cinematography. And I was right.

It’s Okay Not To Be Okay (Psycho But It’s Okay) had kicked off to a pretty good start. Everything about this drama was aesthetically pleasing–from the artistic animations and cinematic shots to the visuals of the main leads. The sequencing was smooth and the lines were deep and penetrating. I loved the combination of the lead characters. A seemingly cold-hearted, fearless woman was paired up with a kind and compassionate man with a heartwarming life situation. It seemed like both of them had painful life struggles that had shaped them up into becoming who they were in the present.

And, god, the main leads looked so good together that I couldn’t take my eyes off them. They looked perfect for each other. Kim Soo Hyun did not seem to age at all and he was still as cute as ever in his early thirties. Seo Ye Ji was such a beauty. I’ve seen her on Hwarang and I did not notice she was this beautiful. She was so perfect for the role of Ko Moon-young. Others might wonder why her character had to be a children’s book author when she was cold and rude but I perfectly understand the reason behind it. She must have hated the classic fairy tales so she was inclined to change the norm. And by the way, I loved her sets of wardrobe!

The introduction to each supporting character was presented neatly and I found all of them interesting. Every scene shown in the first episode was like a teaser to big stories that were waiting to be told. I do not usually judge the goodness of a drama in the first episode but I truly feel that this one is going to be really good. I am excited to watch the next episode tonight!

I only have one tiny issue with this drama. It just seemed odd for children’s books to have creepy illustrations and to contain dark, depressing stories. But maybe in Korea, it was okay though.

Photos are from TVN

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