Ayi vs Heart Yngrid.

Whenever I write, I am a totally different person. Heart Yngrid is so different from Ayi. Heart Yngrid is sensible, creative, perfectionist, romantic, and witty. While Ayi is the complete opposite of Heart Yngrid. Ayi is nonsense, lame, messy, unromantic, and absent-minded. Therefore, Heart Yngrid is not Ayi, But we share one body. I dunno how the hell did that become possible. Maybe I have a split personality? I hope that doesn’t qualify me for a straitjacket though.

Anyway, Heart Yngrid is the one who has fans, not Ayi. In fact, I am also her fan. I am her greatest fan ever! So, to those who are saying that they’re HY’s no.1 fan, move over because I am the real one. Lol. No, this isn’t narcissism because as I’ve said earlier, we are two different entities. Let’s compare.

Heart Yngrid has won these awards in writing:

 and also had two of her novels adapted as TV series:

She has written over 100 books and some of them have Reader’s Choice seal:

While Ayi has won these:

and also these:

Okay, you still have eyesight, don’t worry. You hadn’t become blind for a second. They were really BLANK. Ha ha. All right, I had a few accomplishments as Ayi. But they are very tiny, you may have to use a microscope to see them. Like Best in English in high school (and I never imagined being the best in English because I was really not that fluent. maybe my classmates were all “bulol” that’s why, ha ha), Teacher’s Favorite (I think I have the gift of being a favorite, maybe it’s not because I was intelligent. Maybe it’s because of my charm. ha ha ha…), I always top the class (seriously, but I belong to a so-so section in high school. I wonder why I never got to the highest section. Maybe because I was lazy?), I almost reached the general average grade for Cumlaude! (But I know it’s my fault that I didn’t because I was so darn lazy. I hate school. I used to cut classes, like seriously.) I magically got high scores in exams and I swear it’s not because I cheated! I even had managed to pass the Licensure Exam for Teachers even if I was very sick the day I took the exam.

Hmmm, what else? I guess, nothing more. My being lazy and carefree as a student did not help me earn awards or any concrete accomplishments. But at least, I graduated. But if I look into it, I should’ve accomplished a lot if only I persevered and I quit being a slacker.

Heart Yngrid receives tons of fan mails every single day. Ayi reads them for her. Lol. And If it weren’t for Heart Yngrid, Ayi wouldn’t own a Louis Vuitton. Lololol. Okay, so Heart Yngrid is way cooler than Ayi. No doubt about that. Ayi is definitely no match to Heart Yngrid. But hey, I’m glad we share the same body. How cool is that?

I love you, Heart Yngrid! You are really cool! Please get me a Prada next time 😀

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  1. Everybody knows Heart Yngrid, but I'm more interested in Ayi haha. Writers/novelists get a lot of credibility among the masses more than graphic/web designers, which is why I want to be a writer too (on the side of graphic/web designing hahahaha).

    I love Heart Yngrid too, even if I haven't read a single PHR novel yet (though I wish I did). I've emailed my relatives if they can buy me a copy and send it to me pero wala pa kong sagot sa kanila. BOOOOO…. (T___T)

    1. Kris Roxan Caniete

      Hmm.. I believe both Ayi and HY is a sensible person.

  2. Mahal kasi ang freight fare haha! I think may distributor din dyan sa US ang precious di ko lang alam kung saan. 🙂

  3. Adri, i think National Bookstore ships international, i just dunno about the shipping rates. http://www.nationalbookstore.com.ph

  4. Nice. I was actually thinking about the person behind the writer. 🙂

    1. and you found out that she sucks. 😀

  5. ayi man or heart,,i still super duper like you!!!jejeje

  6. haha, astig parang ang ate ko lang kaso si ate kapag nagbabasa sya ng book ni heart yngrid nagta-transform, bigla na lang bawal na siyang kausapi, parang bawil tatawa na lang bigal, iiyak, maiinis (kasi daw ang torpe ng lalaki sa story) hehe, pero dati un, kasi pati ako ganun na din na-adik na din ako, SALAMAT PO SA PAGHAHATID NG SAYA :DD

    1. hahaha, dumadami ang may split personalities! hello sa inyo ng ate mo! thanks!:)

  7. "I Heart You Ayi" 🙂 bigla kong naisip itong phrase na to after kong basahin yung blog mo Ms Heart. Pero may tanong po pala ako, kinikilig po ba si Ayi pag binabasa yung creations ni Ms Heart? 😀 Panu po sya kiligin?:D

    1. Oo, kinikilig din! Lalo na pag matagal nang naisulat ni HY yung book. Grabe. haha 😀

  8. I love you Heart Yngrid – siguro pang number 100 fan nia ko XD
    Dahil walang magawa sa office, nasuyod ko na ata lahat ng blogs mo. hahaha .. super witty. Pati ba naman dito humahagikgik ako – super pigil nga lang kasi may audience impact.
    Wait – di ba si Ayi ang nagsusulat ng blog, so meaning, wiity rin sya at napapahagikgik din niya ako.. love ko na din si Ayi!!! haha..

    1. Thank you!! hihi. Ayi is the balahurang witty and HY is the more gracious kind, lol

  9. The first novel na nabasa ko is Undercover Maid by Irene Lee, way back in elementary days. Later on, been addicted to PHR novels, I love the writers, almost of them, including Heart Yngrid. Every stories makes my heart overwhelmed with kilig, love, pain and laughter. I read not because I’m bored but because how the stories makes my day, especially when I’m upset or sad, dinadaan ko nalang sa pagbabasa ng novels, then magically it lightens my mood. Ako yung tipong, the more I love the story the more I fall in love and salute the writer, because originally, they’re the one who cooked the stories❤️ Sa kanila yung bilib ko at hindi lang sa mga bida ng story. When I was in highschool, how I wish to see them in person, to send messages or letters just to thank how they make their readers happy with those stories. But hindi pa masyadong uso yung facebook noon, kaya I’m glad ng nagbloom ang social media, I am able to have a chance to get connected to my fave writers including you Ms. Heart❤️ I also learned na ikaw pala yung Irene Lee by stalking you sa fb😅 So happy too na hindi naman snob ang mga writers and they even replied personally and accept friend requests☺️ Hindi man ganun mga idol kong oppa but at least mga idol kung writers mababait and I learned kung ano sila in real life. I may not be your number one po but I am always be your fan Irene/Heart❤️ Thank you sa mga inspirational stories na naishare niyo sa mga readers like me❤️ Wish you more happiness and love in real life❤️

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